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Vision and Mission

Vision:  Building a safer future through effective partnerships of local government, emergency services, the private sector,  volunteer agencies, and the citizens of Union County to save lives, protect property, and reduce the effect of disasters through planning, preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery activities.

Mission:  The Union County Emergency Management Agency strives to have a program to enhance preparation, planning, response, and recovery to all-hazard events.  The EMA develops, maintains, and implements the ability to manage and coordinate emergency operations in cooperation with local, state, and federal governments and the private sector.

Union County by Tom Danilovich
Union County Ordinance requires all structures with utilities have a 9-1-1 address.  This applies to housing, barns, sheds, and other structures.

9-1-1 Addressing

Union County Ordinance requires a 9-1-1 address at all structures which have utilities.  An address application is available here.  The sign requirement is so that emergency services may find you if there is an incident requiring first responders to locate you.

The application can be mailed to Union County Emergency Management Agency, P.O. Box 277, Creston, IA  50801

Or it may be dropped off at 705 E. Taylor St., Creston, IA 50801.

The cost is $25,00 made payable to the Union County Treasurer.

An address application will NOT be processed without payment of the fee,

Emergency Notification Alerts

Union County Emergency Notifications

Union County has a county-wide emergency notification System through ALERT Iowa.  To register for the Alerts you would like to receive you click on the link here.

A note:  Watches, which are issued hours ahead of possible weather events are not sent out  between 10 PM and 7 AM.

See the FAQ page for further information about Union County Emergency Notifications.

What's New!


Please see the following websites for updates:

Greater Regional Health at https://www.greaterregional.org/

Iowa Department of Public Health at


and Center for Disease Control at


For Information on Governor Reynolds Proclamations see https://governor.iowa.gov/

Be prepared. Not scared.

Every day you plan.  You plan what you will do at work, home, school, and in your spare time.  Make a commitment to plan for emergencies and disasters.  They happen, every day.  So don't be scared - be prepared!